Gifts That Benefit The Recipients-And Sick Children. These beautiful Wish Charms that symbolize unity and spirituality also help fund research

16658061715 493b8ea77a Gifts That Benefit The Recipients And Sick Children. These beautiful Wish Charms that symbolize unity and spirituality also help fund research
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The reasons for giving gifts are as numerous as the ideas for gifts themselves. Whether it’s for a birthday, a wedding, the holidays, a housewarming or “just because,” a thoughtful gift conveys a true sense of caring and sharing.

In addition, certain gifts offer a dual benefit-providing joy to the recipient and helping support worthwhile causes. For example, through the purchase of beautiful and unique items such as St. Jude Wish Charms and accessories, people can help children from communities around the world who are battling cancer and other catastrophic diseases.

Wish Charms symbolize unity and spirituality, shaped into a perfect circle. They offer eight meaningful, life-affirming expressions, elegantly engraved and accentuated by fine Austrian crystals. The charms look great looped through a leather cord or a silver chain as a necklace. They can be stacked, woven together into a choker or dangled from a silver bracelet.

By shopping through the Hope Catalog, you can show your support for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital with trendy merchandise from Liz Claiborne, DKNY Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike and several others. Choose from apparel, jewelry, bags, home accessories and other St. Jude merchandise to help children from communities around the world who are battling cancer and other catastrophic diseases.

Is there a Full Detox Plan for Body, Mind, and Spirit?

Spirituality plays a vital role in your daily life. If you believe in God, you know that there are certain things that you should and should not do. Holistic living is gaining more popularity these days. It means that a person should live a healthy and spiritual life.

People with strong faith in God will likely say that a healthy life is worth nothing if your spirituality is at its lowest. These two aspects should always compliment each other to achieve full body detox.

Most people will say that you should live your life to the fullest, and so why not achieve a full body detox? Detox or detoxification is a process to eliminate all the harmful toxins that have accumulated inside the body. The body, mind and spirit go hand in hand, why? The body will not function (or even not exist) without the mind, and the spirit.

It is a sad fact that many people have very little time to ponder about their spiritual aspect of life. They are too busy looking for ways to stay healthy, paying the bills, making more money, and meet work deadlines. This may be so, because people have a choice. They can freely choose how to live their lives, as they see it fit.

If you want to begin holistic living, start by full body, mind, and spirit detox.

The body has its own natural way of detoxification, but if the toxins are too much, it needs some help. There are a lot of detox products available almost anywhere in the world.

Detox products aid the body in the detox process making you feel more revitalized and energized. There are also other benefits of body detox including healthier skin and normal bowel movements.

The mind should also undergo detoxification. You must free your mind from all negative thoughts. There is the so-called Psychoneurimmunology that has been in existence for many years now in the eastern culture; it believes that the mind and body are linked to each other.

Patients who undergo this treatment are taught how to focus the mind, and visualize the flowing healing-energy into the body’s organs which needs healing. If you are successful in doing this treatment, the healing process is said to move at a faster rate. Visualization is the key to unite the mind and body, and achieve results. You can only do this if you get help from the professionals who are into this kind of mind detox. Of course, there are also other types of mind detox that you can make use. Choose one that you think will work best for you.

Spirituality is also one aspect in a person’s life that should also be given equal attention. Prayer is the most familiar form of exhibiting spirituality. It is part of almost any religion found in any part of the world.

There is no established ‘right’ way to pray. In fact, you can pray anywhere you like, any position you like, just as long as it comes from the heart and you have deep faith to your creator. All you need to do is to find the right way of praying, one that will work best for you.

It is then possible to get full body, mind, and spirit detox and these are just simple ways. Getting a professional help can greatly help you in achieving real and tangible results.

Energy Healing 101: Pranic, Tantric, and Reiki

You have probably come across exotic-sounding terms such as “chakra”, “prana”, “aura”, and “tantra” in your course of reading books on spirituality, sex, and healing in the New Age literature section of the bookstore. But what’s the real scoop behind these exotic vocabularies?

Are All Energy Healings the Same?

Chakra or energy center is a term used in Pranic healing, an ancient Hindu system of energy healing. “Prana” means life energy. “Aura” is another terminology traced to Pranic healing. Aura is a non-physical body that consists of energy, which exists along with our physical body. The aura that covers our body is said to have seven layers pertaining to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of an individual as manifested by energy. Studying the color and thickness of auras give ideas on the state of health of individuals. Six colors are associated with aura and interpreted into six personalities. These colors are all present in an individual but one or two are more pronounced.
Green – ambitious achiever
Blue – spiritual peacemaker
White – unconventional chameleon
Red – activist
Orange – creative communicator
Violet – psychic

Although Tantra is popularly associated with the peculiar practice of sex and spirituality, it is another method of energy healing. It comes from the word “tan” which means to spread or expand. The concept of connectedness is a recurring theme in Tantric writings on sex and spirituality. As a method of healing, spirituality and sex figure prominently. It is presupposed that the union of man and woman can reach spiritual levels during orgasm, which removes the body and mind off collected impurities. These impurities being negative energies can in turn manifest as physical illnesses.

Unlike Pranic and Tantric healings, which have Hindu origins, Reiki originated from Japan. It is relatively younger than Pranic and Tantric healings having been rediscovered in the early 1900’s. Reiki stands for universal energy, an energy brought forth by higher intelligence. Students of Reiki are taught how to tap this energy to heal physical, emotional, and mental illnesses.

Although Pranic, Tantra, and Reiki are all systems of energy healing, they differ in the type of energy tapped for healing: life energy, sexual energy, and universal energy respectively.

The concepts of the connectedness of mind, body, and spirit; the connection of individuals to all living and nonliving things around them and to the universe; and how energy impacts physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being are some of the salient similarities of these three healing methods.

Why Do People Turn to Energy Healing?

Pranic, Tantric, and Reiki are considered alternative methods of healing. In spite of the availability and relative accessibility of modern medicine, how come more and more people are being drawned to them? Here are some possible reasons:

· Energy healing worked where modern medicine failed.

For several reasons both explainable and unexplainable, modern medical treatment failed to heal ailments and conditions in several if not many persons. Research or data may not be able to support this statement. But for the families of the dying as well as for the dying patient, they would take the risk of using alternative methods ranging from herbals and organics, faith healers, witch doctors, and New Age healing techniques just to be get well.

· People perceive modern medicine to be isolating.

Medical treatments are oftentimes focused on the disease and its causative agent, which can make a patient feel isolated and treated like a mere host of the disease. Although recent developments in hospital practice are gradually promoting the holistic treatment of a patient, the perception still persists. Unlike in energy healing, since energy and spirituality are intimately linked, the patient feels that all aspects of his health are being attended to.

· Energy healing is non-obtrusive and natural thus it is safer.

Repeated surgical procedures are physically and emotionally traumatic for most patients. It is but a logical and attractive option to both patient and families to look for less stressful health interventions. Moreover, with the rising popularity of New Age religions, going natural is the way to go.

· Energy healing is a good way of relieving stress.

Meditation is part and parcel of energy healing methods and this is an added come-on for highly stressed people. Moreover, sophisticated equipment is not required thus it becomes all the more convenient for students and future students of energy healing.

The battle between alternative healing and mainstream medicine continues as both present the benefits of their approach. But in the final analysis, what matters is the restoration of good health.

The Connection Between Spiritual Health and Well-Being

16353601600 973f618dfd The Connection Between Spiritual Health and Well Being
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Emotional health is as important as being physically fit and having a sound mind. Our emotional, physical, and mental health are connected with each other that each one affects the health of the other. However, there is another factor that can contribute to a healthy well-being: Spiritual health.

Being spiritual is not just being religious. It is being in touch with the spirit within you. It is finding meaning, hope, comfort, and inner peace in your life. Most people find spirituality through religion. Others find it through music, art or, a connection with nature. Still, others find it in their values and principles.

Spiritual activities such as prayer and meditation foster positive beliefs and comfort which bring healing and a sense of well-being. It may not necessarily cure the illness, but it can help you feel better, prevent some health problems, and help you cope with illness or death.

Whenever life becomes a bore or seems meaningless, or when emotional hurts and pains become overwhelming, we tend to be confused or anxious. We feel dead in our spirits. But those who are spiritually nourished are strongly anchored in their faith and hope. For Christians, boredom is a word that can never be used to describe a person who walks in the love of God. Firm believers have no room for anxiety and depression in their lives. The Christian faith surrenders all their worries and cares to a God who is almighty.

Most people usually associate manifestations of anxiety with a panic attack. This is about senselessly talking and worrying about the various details of our daily life or about sudden, unexpected situations. Stuff that makes your stomach go into knots and gives you a headache and a pain in the back of your neck.

In trying to improve your spiritual health, always remember that every individual is different. What works for you may not work for others. Do what is comfortable for you. Try to identify the things in your life that give you a sense of inner peace, comfort, strength, love, and connection. Set aside a specific time every day to do the things that help you spiritually. These may include doing community service or volunteer work, praying, meditating, singing devotional songs, reading inspirational books, taking nature walks, having quiet time for thinking, doing yoga, playing a sport or attending religious services.

It is important to some doctors who are treating you for an illness to know how your spirituality might be affecting your feelings and thoughts about your medical situation. Do not hesitate to tell your doctor if you think your spiritual beliefs are affecting your health care decisions or your ability to follow your doctor’s recommendations. A spiritual assessment as part of a medical encounter is a practical first step in incorporating consideration of a patient’s spirituality into medical practice. The relationship between spirituality and medicine has been the focus of considerable interest in recent years.

If there are spiritual beliefs, worries or concerns that are causing you stress, talk with your doctor or seek counseling from someone who can help you with these issues.

Personal Life Improvement through Meditation

When a person can regulate their sources of spirituality, it brings them great pleasure.
Since we all are different in nature, spirituality differs for most of us as well. The goal behind finding your spirituality is incurring a need to reach beyond to connect with your spiritual side. Whatever you find should make you feel good about you. What you find should be utilized in your journey to spirituality, helping you to develop and grow in your individuality.

We all know that prayers are powerful tools that affect attitudes. Prayers are often said on one’s behalf, or for people we know. According to few philosophers who study spirituality, each day we pray we should work in accord with that prayer. Meditation is a form of getting in touch with you, which is similar to prayer. When you pray you often, feel calm. You will feel a soothing touch graze over you. Like prayer, meditation brings us closer to who we are. You can improve your life through prayer and mediation.

How do I meditate?
First, keep in mind that mediation is a tool that coordinates our senses, thoughts, body, and so on. The notion is to help us relax. As we relax and attempt to meditate, we gain control over our minds, thoughts and so forth. We learn to focus on our goals. We get a sense of spirituality through meditation. The notion helps us to feel energy. Once our energy is lifted, which helps us to deal with life and people more calmly. You will need to follow basics steps to learn how you can focus on what you intend to accomplish from meditation. When you start to meditate, you must realize that at first it will be difficult. At least for most: Meditation is the process or removing all thoughts from your mind for a short time and then allowing the mind to focus. Sometimes your mind my wander or ramble on, which you should allow. Once the thoughts feel a sense of relief, then you can move to meditate.

How to being:
As you begin to meditate, start by finding a snug position. You want the body to sit upright in your relaxed spot. Your back should be upright and aligned. Once you are relaxed, use the hands to bear your body weight. Now take a deep breath and breathe in the air, inhaling it into your lungs. Now hold and release. Relax again continuing your position. When you learn to focus on your breathing and how to take deep breathes, it helps you to remove unwarranted stress.

When you learn to meditate, it helps you to find peace within, since your thoughts will gradually quiet. Meditation helps you to clear up clutter. Once you feel that sense of serenity, you will have affirmed your mind. This helps you to pay hold firm to what you intend to accomplish.

One must practice daily to meditate. Practice helps a person gain control over their thoughts. As you continue your journey through meditation, you may find areas of disturbance. In some instances, your mind may wander backwards to memories you do not like. Allow room to accept your discomforts and the thoughts to freely come forward. Remember, you lived it once, how can it harm you again? While you meditate you, do not want to force any actions or thoughts on your mind and body. Allow room for freedom. Once you completed your meditation, say a little prayer for those people suffering in the world. This will make room for added comfort.

20 Spirituality

15869709233 314cc0c251 20 Spirituality
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How do you feel spiritually when you eat a meal that contains meat? You’ve probably never given it any thought, but that may because spiritually you feel nothing after eating a meal of meat except tired and sluggish. A diet of meat makes our bodies less functional, and we think of nourishing our bodies in terms of our organs and blood, but we don’t often think about how what we eat can impact the most important organ in our body, the brain.
When you eat a vegetarian diet, you begin to feel physically lighter and fit. When your body is fit, your mind is also lightened. Most cultures that focus more on spirituality and enlightenment are also vegetarian cultures. From the beginning of recorded history we can see that vegetables have been the natural food of human beings. Early Greek and Hebrew myths all spoke of people originally eating fruit. Ancient Egyptian priests never ate meat. Many great Greek philosophers such as Plato, Diogenes, and Socrates all advocated vegetarianism.
In India, Shakyamuni Buddha emphasized the importance of Ahimsa, the principle of not harming any living things. He warned His disciples not to eat meat, or else other living beings would become frightened of them. Buddha made the following observations: “Meat eating is just an acquired habit. In the beginning we were not born with a desire for it. ” “Flesh eating people cut off their inner seed of Great Mercy. ” “Flesh eating people kill each other and eat each other … this life I eat you, and next life you eat me … and it always continues in this way. How can they ever get out of the Three Realms (of illusion)? “
These are cultures that are considered more enlightened and focused more on spirituality than is Western culture. If we are to evolve into more spiritual beings, then we must begin to manage our physical lives in a way that will enhance our spirituality, and this means taking the path of vegetarianism as a path to enlightenment.

The Point Where Spirituality & Science Meet

The Point Where Spirituality & Science Meet

For ages since human society was born, there has been an ongoing clash and debates between science and faith. Science is a systematized body of knowledge that is geared towards finding explanations to various phenomena. On the other hand, spirituality is an abstract and indefinite term that has its unique meaning based on an individual or a group’s perception. For some, it’s about going to church on Sundays and giving tithes and offering; others may view it as getting in touch with one’s inner feeling of peace through reflection through the intervention of a supreme divine being. Both of them are headed towards discovering for the various truths in life – the former seeks to understand what is happening and evolving in the tangible world while the latter aims to discern the reality of the nature of consciousness.
If we carefully examine the starting point of these two queries, it is very apparent that they have originated from the thirst for knowledge which is innate in human nature as rational beings. There is always that longing to discover the reason why things happen around us. Science and spirituality both share many characteristics in them. The scientific inquiries look for the objective reasons how things were made through empirical observations. It always upholds the belief that there is an explanation for a certain occurrence – that there is more than what meets the eyes. Contrary to that, spirituality aims to decipher a deeper reality and meaning in us – who are we, why are we here on earth, what is the reason why we exist. It deals with our connection with a supreme being that guide our ways of life. This discipline paved the way for religion to spread its influence across the globe. It served as a powerful tool for them to convey the truth that they have experienced and felt.
In a realm that is divided by dispute and strife at every level, from the spiri¬tual and intellectual to the physical, the individuals who are in search of the creation of peace and harmony have often turned to the task of pursuing solidarity amongst science and spirituality. Many people made attempts to reconcile the ideas of the two influences known as the ‘New Age Mentality’ but the bounds by how these concepts are going to be merged. Will there ever be a chance to ever reconcile the beliefs of these two antagonistic poles?
As a matter of fact, both scientific and spiritual pursuits complement each other in many aspects. Any opposition between the two is a product of closed-minded ideologies and stereotypes. Religion is paving a way to understand what is incalculable by human ways; science is finding means to explain what is finite in this world. These two quests maintain the balance of knowledge – seeking justifications for what we are experiencing in life to understand it better.
Our existence will not be complete without these two forces acting on our reality. Some skeptics are never going to admit that there is a point where science will actually meet spirituality but from the very beginning, they have already shared a common trait between them. One is inadequate without the other. The scientists and the religious man need to be conscious about the boundaries of their capabilities. They must have an open mind to understand reality in its true essence.

Achieving That Sense Of Spirituality Today

Achieving That Sense Of Spirituality Today

Are you one of those people who is still looking for self-understanding and seeking inner peace? Are you struggling to make sense of many aspects of your life and seem lost even in your economic stability? If so, then perhaps you need a little bit of retreat so that you can find inner peace and happiness. This is the first step of spirituality – knowing the truth about who you are!
When you are able to find the real you, a happier and healthier life lies ahead. If you are interested, there are a lot of ways on how you can go on retreat. If you do not know what to do, then the best thing would be looking for ads through the internet. Some may be amazed by it all, but the commercialization of spirituality is fast becoming a trend of the times.
Before going on a retreat, there are a lot of things to think of so that the retreat can be successful. First of all, you have to know if you want to go to a place that is familiar to you or if do you want to go to a place very unfamiliar. You have to know where you would me most comfortable. Of course, the place needs to be peaceful and quiet so that you can have time to do introspection. You can choose to go to a beach, a camping site, or a place away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. It is be much safer if you look for online commercials to find safe havens. Of course to get reacquainted with self, there are exercises that must be done so that you will need the assistance of another person; this is the facilitator.
Another decision that you need to think about is whether you want someone to come with you or not. If you want a companion, think who it will be and what their role would be. This is also very vital in the process of spirituality because the wrong choice may just ruin everything and in the end, the time and money you will spend will just be put to waste. The best suggestion would be someone very close to you. If you want to help others, choose the person whom you think has reasons and needs for spirituality, too.
If you enjoy company then perhaps joining a group retreat is good for you. Joining groups can easily allow conduct of interactive activities that requires another person. With that said, there are also a lot of different benefits when experiencing spirituality with other people. One, it is more fun of course to go through activities with other people. Two, you can talk to other people about their problems and relate them to your own; you would be surprised how minute your problem could be when compared with other people’s problems. Three, you get to experience different spiritual activities that you cannot when you are alone. These activities include focus group discussions and such. So perhaps, you may want to consider joining a group retreat instead of being alone in searching for yourself, you’ll never know perhaps a helping hand is what you need.
Through such retreats, you will learn a lot of things about life. These are things that can help in giving you inner peace. Everyone needs a “me time” now and then especially if their lives are busy. This is a trip worth trying. When you know who you are, you don’t have to pretend. This is one time when the commercialization of spirituality works.

Finding Inner Strength With The Help Of Spirituality

Finding Inner Strength With The Help Of Spirituality

16092267337 af0f6592ca Finding Inner Strength With The Help Of Spirituality
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Spirituality is a totally unique and individual experience. Certainly, no two persons will have the same instances but there is always that deep and natural sense of familiarity that is shared by a number of people. It is also believed that there is an inner sense of connection between the person’s mind and spirit. Through this link, people find the so-called “inner strength” to face the challenges that one encounters in life.
By getting in touch with an individual’s inner self, people are able to experience great peace of mind. They are able to embody a good sense of well-being – which in turn, influences others to feel and do the same. When a person feels terrified or depressed, it is always an instinct to pray and seek for that feeling of peace that may help to lighten and ease the burden. Although this does not directly cure and remove the underlying disease or problem, it definitely helps the person to cope with the different physical and emotional strains that accompany it.
The aspect of spirituality is a significant part in a person’s life. It plays an essential role with the way people deal with the ups and downs of life. Finding meaning in the things that are happening around is one of the main reasons for the significance of one’s spirituality. When a person is able to find meaning in life, acceptance becomes an easier thing to do. It helps create a sense of anticipation about what the future may bring which increases not just the physical, but the psychological preparedness of the individual as well.
This spirituality may be literally immaterial, but a great deal of courage is gained from it, especially when the significant others of the person are involved. It does not only pertain to praying and doing religious rituals. Spirituality may also be found in the community where a sense of belonging may be felt by the person, thus, increasing the optimism. Taking a quiet time for even just a few minutes every day helps to regain serenity. There are several activities that will help in restoring the inner strength of a person. One is reading a daily devotional book that serves as the food for the soul. Another is to perform yoga exercises. This is greatly helpful in bringing back the physical and emotional strength after a hard day’s work. Taking a short walk from the house to a quiet park or garden may also be one way to reestablish the inner balance
Indeed, the sense of spirituality is inseparable to human nature. It can be felt and needed anytime and anywhere in a person’s life and truly, these experiences are teaching us valuable life lessons that will leave remarkable insights. Moreover, it is also necessary to remain open to all possible events in life – especially the painful ones – for it allows a person to grow holistically without us realizing it directly. Acceptance may not come immediately but the strength to carry on will always remain aglow in their hearts. Allowing yourself to believe in the things that are not simply freely explainable by human rationality is also an effective way of discovering the inner strength. This will enable us to live more joyfully and to love unconditionally without holding grudges anymore.

The Connection Between Spirituality & Medicine

The Connection Between Spirituality & Medicine

When a person is threatened with physical complications, there are two main aspects that he will seek refuge in- medicine and spirituality. Despite the recent discussions and debates surrounding the reunion of spirituality and medicine, there is no doubt that a lot of patients recognize their faith as a great influence in their physical health. Thus, when a person feels ill or experiences health complications, they face it by trying to understand their illness in the medical or scientific sense and by turning into their faith in order to cope with their emotions of despair, depression, loneliness and suffering.
Although spirituality can be connected with religion, it is not the sole definition of it. Spirituality is defined as a person’s own system of beliefs focused towards the intangible, and knowing that there is a greater being who really knows the meaning of the person’s life. Members of the health care industry such as nurses and physicians had observed that their patient’s spirituality have a great influence in their experiences of dealing with their illnesses.
During the study of medicine, medical students are taught how to conduct a doctor-patient interview. The first part of this interview includes taking the details of the patient’s medical history as well as personal details which are related to their spirituality and religious beliefs. Although most students actually feel that they are being intrusive while asking these questions, these are actually valid as such factors actually allow the patient to open up and discuss his beliefs to the health care professional. It also lets them reflect regarding their personal life and provide them with reassurance and comfort, knowing that they are not alone in their present struggle. Having the opportunity to reflect about one’s self also gives the patient the chance to plan about his next actions given the current condition that he is in.
Nowadays, the medical field has constructed a way to assist health care professionals in incorporating spiritual history into their interview. Brown University uses the HOPE module which is used to assess the patient by asking him questions through the mnemonics of HOPE. H is where the patient gets hope, love, connection, and strength, and O is the patient’s part or role in an organized group of spiritual or religious people. On the other hand, P is the patient’s personal beliefs when it comes to spirituality and how does he practice it, while E would be how he views the effects of medical care and any issues that he is currently facing.
These questions make the patient ponder about his personal life without having to immediately conclude that the health care professional is trying to intrude or delve deeper into his religious beliefs. More so, the structure provides a lot of room for a person to reflect on his current status and plan for his future by simply answering a standard set of connections.
Although there is still a lot to be studied when it comes to spirituality and how it can affect the future of medicine, it is a great move that medical institutions are now finding a way to include a person’s spirituality as a major factor in his physical health.